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About Lisa Juliano

Formal Eductation

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Ithaca College, May 1989

Master of Arts in Secondary Education from The University of New Mexico, December 1999

Master of Science in Mathematics from New Mexico State University, May 2003

PSYCH-K Courses

Basic Workshop, November 2020

Master Facilitation Workshop, April 2021

Human Design Courses with International Human Design School

Living your Design, February 2020

Rave ABCs, April 2020

Rave Cartography, July 2020

Pranic Healing Courses with Master Stephen Co

Pranic Healing, Level I, July 2012

Advanced Pranic Healing, Level II, September 2012

Pranic Psychotherapy, Level III, October 2012

Pranic Psychic Self-Defense, October 2014

Pranic Crystal Healing, October 2014

Arhatic Yoga - Preparatory Level, February 2015

Kriyashakti, August 2015

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul, March 2016

Arhatic Yoga - Level I, March 2017

Pranic Feng Shui, August 2017

Arhatic Yoga - Level II, March 2019

Higher Clairvoyance, April 2019

Spiritual Essence of Man, September 2020

Arhatic Yoga - Level III, November 2022

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